Our team is called Boulouki, named after the nomadic groups of masons travelling, building and advancing their craftmanship. We are an interdisciplinary group,  whose work is focused on the study of traditional building techniques and materials related to the protection, conservation and promotion of cultural heritage, keeping a critical mind towards the current policies related to them, as well as promoting values like interculturalism, sustainability and multidisciplinarity. Based upon these thematic axes, the group’s course of action includes conducting research, organising workshops, conferences and events, and promoting projects in collaboration with the local communities and their stakeholders. The group exists in the form of the Urban Non-Profit Company, based in Athens.

Mina Kouvara


Mina Kouvara is an Architect (Technical University of Crete), a researcher and a bit of a visual artist, currently completing an MSc in Environment and Development of mountain regions in NTUA. She has worked in the UK and Greece, and participated in international workshops. The notion of craftsmanship and the interpretation of cultural landscapes, comprise a basic part of her research focus.

Panagiotis Kostoulas


Panagiotis Kostoulas is an Architect (University of Patras) and he is currently finishing his postgraduate program on Materials Science and Technology in NTUA. He has worked in India and Greece and has participated, as well as organised workshops on earth architecture.

Grigoris Koutropoulos


Grigoris Koutropoulos is an Architect (University of Patras) and he is currently finishing the postgraduate program of Cultural Management in the University of Athens. He was awarded with prizes and mentions in architectural competitions and he participated in conferences, research programs, workshops, exhibitions and actions related to architecture and cultural heritage.

Ionas Sklavounos


Ionas Sklavounos is an Architect (University of Patras) holding a postgraduate diploma in Epistemology of Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens. He has participated in competitions, conferences and workshops in Greece and abroad. He lives and works in Athens.

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